BUILD FAILURE: mvn clean install on openmrs-core on windows after changes(Resolved)

Am working… on and after my changes the core fails to build…and when I skip the tests it builds successfully…

It throws an error with mvn clean install but mvn clean install -DskipTests builds Successfully

@dkayiwa , @sharif …please help :thinking:

Is this the right module you are building from , I would think it is supposed to be PS *E:\FinishedJavaProject\Openmrs\Working\openmrs -core* , Feel free to cross check that. and you can try mvn clean install -U

Probably you need to update the test class that makes this test to fail. Feel feel to check through these logged class org.openmrs.validator.AllergyValidatorTest#valid_ShouldRejectNumericReactionValue

Bt it passes …As like it does not fail but the core fails

Are you building core without your changes and it fails!

Am trying out renaminng my test with should since the logs told me to either start or end with should or within my test title method

@sharif it has build successfully I think the issue was about the method naming as in “should”…must be inclusive


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