Build Failure: metadtamapping-1.2.1 module

I’m unable to build metadatamapping-1.2.1 module. PFA log.

Does this have anything to do with the above issue??

Hi @themoonraker13, Please see if this is relevant.

@swathivarkala, your findings of the issue match with what I’ve attached.

Provided I’ve cloned the latest release of the module and haven’t made any changes yet, does that mean I’ll have to downgrade the version of maven-assembly-plugin to successfully build it?

If you look at code, there is no version mentioned. Can you try putting version as given in this link.

Nice catch @swathivarkala. Thanks.

Doesn’t work with version 2.5.3.

Was able to successfully build the modules using maven-assembly-plugin version 2.2-beta-5.

Note: As per this link, from version 2.2, assembly descriptors that have an empty id element no longer work.

Will have to report developers about this issue. :slight_smile:

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