Build failure fix not required for the ticket

Hello team, I am working on RA-1806 but am getting a build failure when running mvn clean install. as shown at Failed to execute - Pastebin .My set up is

The build fails even before I work on the ticket.

I first tried to force update on maven in eclipse but it failed.

The I studied Failed to execute goal de.saumya.mojo:gem-maven-plugin:1.1.5:exec (default) on project referenceapplication-omod 2. and have tried the following options

  1. Deleted folders from the repository in .m2 file.

  2. Compiled through command prompt then compiled through command prompt again using mvn clean install -DskipTests=true.

  3. Made sure I have a good internet connection. I have even used different IPs to ensure that the internet is not the issue.

  4. Made sure the path name has no spaces

All the above failed to fix the problem

  1. Deleted code from pom.xml of the omod file. This worked as shown .

My challenge is that although option 5 works, it requires me to make changes that are not supposed to be made on the ticket. Please advise @gracebish @jwnasambu @dkayiwa

@isamanya could you do the following before making any changes and we see ;

git reset --hard upstream/master

git clean -df

git pull --rebase upstream master

git fetch --all 

 mvn clean install -U

Maybe instead of removing that code, try updating the JRuby version from, which is the most “recent” version of JRuby 1.7. The failure you’re seeing is a bit different from the one mentioned in the other thread…

Thanks @gcliff .I have done the above but with the same error New error log - .

Thanks @ibacher .It still fails when I change the JRuby version Changed JRuby version -

Put the code in a path that does not have space shenkuru comp and then try compile again.

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Thanks @dkayiwa . I changed the path and it failed at first but then I compiled with the new path and the JRuby version updated and it worked.

I then put back the original JRuby version and compiled again and the build was successful.

Thanks @gcliff ,@ibacher and @dkayiwa for the great help.