BUILD FAILURE due to HibernateAlertDAOTest.

I am getting this error when i do mvn clean package.

[ERROR] Failures:
[ERROR]   HibernateAlertDAOTest.getAlerts_shouldReturnAllAlertsWhenUserIsSpecified:69 expected: <0> but was: <1>
[ERROR]   HibernateAlertDAOTest.getAllAlerts_shouldReturnOnlyNonExpiredAllerts:63 expected: <0> but was: <1>
[ERROR] Tests run: 4314, Failures: 2, Errors: 0, Skipped: 38

full log here : BUILD FAILURE -

I only deleted Unused imports from different files . can you help me figure out the issue, please. @mozzy @sharif @sacull

Both tests are working fine for me. Can u push the changes u did to you’r fork. I looked at the mock dataset I can see data as well.

Also the master branch build is passing locally as well.

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To add on @ayesh suggestion, did you first run openmrs core without your new changes and see whether its failing or running? Make sure its updated to latest changes

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it’s updated to the latest according to git pull --rebase upstream master I have pushed the changes as @ayesh suggested

is it still failing, can you share another log

The error may be because your master is a month old. Please update it.

First, add remote -> git remote add upstream

Then update master branch -> git pull --rebase upstream master

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Thanks @sacull i did that prior to pushing

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it’s fine now thanks @sharif

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