Bugs related to 3.x Patient Lists

Hi all! I’m currently writing a set of E2E tests for the 3.x Patient Lists component, and I discovered a set of bugs and issues. I’ll be describing each bug/issue in the upcoming set of comments. Please let me know if any of these are intentional default behaviours. And I’ll create tickets for fixing the remaining.

cc: @vasharma05 @dennis @jayasanka

  1. Changing these tabs doesn’t change the content. It always shows the same set of patient lists. And also it calls the same API endpoint when clicked on any tab.

  1. The starring option doesn’t work. It just calls the GET patient lists endpoint when clicking on the star icon.
  1. When editing the patient list details, it throws an error. The API also returns a 400 error, but the changes already apply to the DB even if it throws the error.

Also, the cohort type (Patient list type) cannot be changed through the API or through the UI.

  1. The breadcrumbs show the patient list uuid instead of the name (In the zeplin designs, we have the patient ist name as the breadcrumb text).
  1. When clicked on “Delete Patient List” it shows the success alert. But the list doesn’t get deleted or voided.

It calls the DELETE openmrs/ws/rest/v1/cohortm/cohort/{{uuid}} endpoint.

If we use the DELETE openmrs/ws/rest/v1/cohortm/cohort/{{uuid}}?purge=true endpoint, it deletes the cohort including the cohort type (which is a parent element). It deletes the cohortType even if there are any other patient lists (cohorts) associated with that cohortType.

Apart from those:

a. The “Create new patient list” button on the patient chart doesn’t work. Also, there is no UI to remove a patient from the patient list. b. When we add a patient to a list through this modal, that patient list name no longer appears on the “Add patient to list” menu

Good finds in here Piumal :slight_smile: A few of these are already covered in this Epic - please have a look and add the others that you have found. [O3-1731] Patient Lists Bug Fixes Q1 2023 - OpenMRS Issues

Thank you @grace

I created this set of tickets and added them to the epic:

If the epic contains too many tasks, let’s detach some of the tickets from the epic.


  • O3-1922 and O3-1924 are less complex tasks, so I think new contributors can work on those.
  • O3-1921, O3-1923 and O3-1925 may require some changes in the backend

cc: @vasharma05

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Found a few other bugs and created tickets for those.

cc: @dkigen @hadijah315 @vasharma05

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Nice updates @piumal1999

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