Bug when searching for patient files

Hi everyone,

I imagine that this is just a small bug, but I thought I would share it. When clicking in the search patient files menu, if the list is already showing someone and you click space, the same patient is duplicated. The same happens when backspacing. If clearing the search with the X button, the behaviour disappears when spacing but not when back spacing

Are you able to reproduce it here? https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/

Yes, after logging in and going to search for patients, the one patient with adfa in the name appears, then I just use space bar in the search bar and multiple instances of the same patient appear:

Feel free to create a ticket for it.


@dkayiwa, @magp Yes this happened to me recently , i guess this is due to session(the time between when you had registered a patient and when you try searching by placing the space bar ),this seems not a bug, it has no effect on the server, those patients created are duplicate patient created on ui

What is your definition of a bug?

A bug in openmrs context is a situation where the expectation is different from the result . In this context when you search any patient by placing space bar, the system will generate any registered patients but these patients are not included in the database thanks

And the multiple duplication of patients on the user interface is not a bug to you?

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i agree its a bug , at first glance i thought of it like that since it has no effect on database, @magp sure we can create a ticket to track that bug as suggested earlier thanks @dkayiwa :wink:

@magp @sharif do we have any ticket created? yet other wise i can go on to create one!

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Oh sure @herbert24 feel free to create a ticket, After you can share it here with @magp thanks

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Sorry, I should have said something. Yes I did create one!


Updated the PR with description here https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1854.

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It is always good to include a link to the talk thread, for such tickets that originated from talk.


Thank you @sharif! @dkayiwa noted and edited, thank you, will keep it in mind!

@dkayiwa was this issue resolved?

@jtukey did you check the status of the JIRA ticket?

@jtukey https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1854

@herbert24 Thanks…