Bug in Reference Application, or Sticky Note module, or just the demo config?

I was just on demo.openmrs.org, and I saved a Visit Note. I noticed that the free-text I wrote on the visit note now appears in the patient header where I think the sticky note functionality goes.

E.g. it appears here: image

Even worse, if I edit it in the patient header, this edits the text I had saved in the visit note: image

This seems like a pretty bad bug to me. it’s possible it’s just that it’s a configuration issue, and these two features both share the same concept (but shouldn’t).

@ssmusoke FYI (I have not created a ticket for this, but someone who is actively involved with the reference application probably should)

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@darius, not sure but it may be that this is because the concept behind the sticky note is defaulted to CIEL:162169 - “Text of encounter note” I guess that is not correct and we should use another one. I remember the conversation happened in the comments of RA-1287 ticket.

Here is where this default value is set:

Thanks for checking @mksrom

Looking at CIEL:162169 that’s definitely the wrong one for a sticky note. (Description is “Free text note field intended to capture unstructured description of the patient encounter”)

I created a bug ticket: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1484

(@ssmusoke, I would personally consider this a pretty large bug that deserves either a followup bugfix release of the refapp or at least it should be mentioned in the docs/release notes. Up to you to decide if you want to approach it like that, though.)

@darius Thank you for the advice, and yes it is a pretty significant bug. Will take a 2-step approach, documenting in release notes for 2.7.0 and working on a follow-up bugfix release of the Ref App

@tendomart would you be up to help coordinate


@ssmusoke Very much available.

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