[Bug] Displays Concept name instead of Drug name (V0.93)

We have notice an issue on Medication tab, after saving a prescription the medication tab and dashboard displays Concept name instead of Drug name. In the attached example Concept name is Medicine and Drug name is Nebicard H. This issue is reproducible on 0.93 QA 04 server. QA server link- https://product-qa04.mybahmni.org

Hi @akhilantotharayil

You are right. I am also able to reproduce the issue where the MEDICATION tab is showing concept name, instead of exact drug name (which is how it used to be earlier). I see the same issue also in the TREATMENT Display control in Clinical Dashboard. This issue doesn’t exist on demo.bahmni.org (which is running v0.92). Seems like a v0.93 issue.

On Bahmni V0.92: demo.bahmni.org: →


On qa04, Bahmni V0.93 (Not showing correctly)::—>

I suggest you should log a bug in JIRA, and share the JIRA URL to this discussion for follow-up. Seems like an important bug to fix. cc: @angshuonline

I feel the related code change that seems to cause this issue is here.

Commit: Bah 1161 - Internationalization UAT bug fixes and label changes (#346) · Bahmni/openmrs-module-bahmniapps@cf4c6b3 · GitHub

FileName: ui/app/clinical/common/models/drugOrderViewModel.js

Screenshot of code change:

For some reason the code seems to prefer showing concept name over drug name. I would have thought it would be the other way around, since concept name is MANDTORY… so it will always be there. Drug Name field is optional in OpenMRS… and that could be missing, in which case concept name should be shown.

cc: @buvaneswariarun : Do you remember why this change was introduced?

Sir Any progress for this problem?.This is a kind of urgent situation now.

I am working on it. BAH-1161

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Angshu has fixed it. I verified it on: https://product-qa04.mybahmni.org/

@akhilantotharayil - Please check on qa04. Angshu is going to release the fix tomorrow.