Bug - Demo OpenMRS - Nutrition Values

Hi everyone, recently I was testing out the official demo at bahmni and I noticed some strange behavior when I changed the openmrs locale settings to English(United States)


The problem ocurred when I created an OPD Visit for a new patient.

First I created the new patient:

I clicked on the Start OPD Visit button, then assigned the corresponding height and weight nutritional values with the Registration Fees value. And finally I saved the visit as you can see I get the following error:

It should be mentioned that if you do the same process to a patient that you had already created an OPD Visit with his corresponding nutritional values (before you changed the “openmrs” locale settings) there’s no height and weight nutritional values showed at the Latest Panel.

This error returns an 500 (Internal Server Error) at the following endpoint on the openmrs - bahmni-core Rest API: https://demo.mybahmni.org/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/bahmnicore/bahmniencounter

Currently I’m using the version 0.89 of the OpenMRS for a project and this error also happens.

I’ll be happy to know if this issue is solved already on the newest versions, or if it’s an alternative way to solve this; so I can add it to my project as soon as possible. @darius @mksd

Best regards, Rafael Sequeiros

Hi @rafanetow,

Comparing locales ‘en_GB’ vs ‘en_US’ is not the easiest use case to troubleshoot (also en_US is not in the list of allowed locales by default) but basically the bottom line is most likely that the Fully Specified Name (FSN) in other locales than ‘en’ is not set to “WEIGHT” (or “HEIGHT”, depending on which concept you’re looking at).

Let’s look at ‘en’ vs ‘es’. If that’s the FSN in ‘en’:

Then this is how ‘es’ should be setup:

Btw when trying to set again “WEIGHT” in other locales you’ll get this error:

You can ignore it an save anyway.

Let me know if this solves the issue.

Ok, I see, so you must change the FSN for all concepts that are not setted to it’s corresponding values of their locales?

I apply this changes already for en_US (from the demo) but I got the same error when trying to start an OPD Visit for a patient; maybe I need to edit other concepts besides “WEIGHT” and “HEIGHT” ?