Bug: Bahmni frontend form-validation prevents hyphenation in Bahmni Form titles


Front-end form validation means that creating a Form from the Bahmni UI disallows hyphens ("-") in titles. However, hyphens are possible from the OpenMRS admin interface. This is an issue because there are many medical conditions that involve hyphens (e.g. covid-19, bulbar-onset ALS, etc).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. From the main dashboard, Clinical Service > Implementer Interface > Form Builder
  2. Create a form with a title containing a hyphen
  3. Disallowed with following error message.

However creating a form from within OpenMRS is not a problem - it allows hyphenation.

Fix time:

This should be a very small fix to the RegEx used in the Bahmni front-end form validation around the Form title.

Any thoughts on who I should approach to fix this?