Broken QA builds

Is someone actively looking into addressing issues with builds:

I temporarily disabled their schedule, because they were taking over an hour and hanging on the same issue. No other builds could run.

I am looking into the issue and will give updates here !

The issue was due to incompatibility of the chrome driver causing the builds in bamboo to hang because the driver could not be started successfully.

Is CONTRIB-R2ET in bamboo performing the same work as CONTRIB-QA module? If yes, I think we can have one of them discarded so that one build is triggered when a push is done on qaframwork repo. I notice when those two modules are running concurrently their respective builds fail with an error The agent is out of resources

I made an attempt to fixing QaFramework, on investigation I noticed the chrome driver version was not compatible to the current browser version supported by Bamboo. I went a head to push commits that fixed the driver issue however, the logs changed to somewhat looks like related to docker issue(though not sure the exact reason).

Fortunately these ui tests are running well in github actions but the issue is within Bamboo. QaFramework plans started behaving poorly after Migrating to Jetstream 2! and plans started failing and taking more than 3 hours to complete a plan.

@raff @ibacher I am requesting you to take a look at the issue so that the plan for the module is back to life.

Bringing up @ibacher 's investigation on why QA builds are breaking, @raff is there a way we can have the plans back to life so they can support the ongoing process of releasing RefApp 2.13?

cc: @jwnasambu

The link doesn’t seem to open up the correct thread for me. I can’t find it either. Could you please quote it here? I’ll try to help.

I misquoted the link, this should work.