Broken Builds, and releasing modules from bamboo

The reference application distro build is red! So are a few others.

The issue with the reference application distro is that a bunch of modules were released, but the pom.xml was not updated to point to the released module versions. For example it’s currently broken on the Form Entry App module version.

Recall that we have automated the release of module versions via bamboo precisely so that steps like this can be automated. @dkayiwa, is there a reason that you released this one manually instead of doing it from Bamboo? (I know bamboo was down yesterday at some point…)

Thanks Darius for noticing this. Of late, the infra servers are increasingly getting down to the point that i find myself doing alternatives. :slight_smile:

Was it this time? *build pipeline not running*

Or when else was it down?

I do not remember exactly when. :slight_smile:

Please do use the automations that we have configured. We did them for a reason. :slight_smile:

And, continue adding more automations wherever we can, because they also lower the bar to onboarding new people to help do these things!

Sure. Makes perfect sense! :smile:

I did one release manually (HFE, I think) because I was having problems with the automated release. I have updated the distro manually to the 3.3.0 release of HFE.

It does look like there are still a lot of snapshot references in there, though.

If you were having problems, there’s a chance something is actually broken. If you could point out the red releases, I could take a look.