Branching 2.1.x and alpha release on Friday March 3

Hi Devs,

The Bahmni team is going to release Platform 2.1.0 in the next several weeks. We’re very excited about patient searches via Lucene, and we want this in our next Bahmni Distribution release. We’d also like this to be a “lightweight” non-LTS release. (Exactly what that means is being discussed here.)

I plan to create the 2.1.x branch, and do a 2.1.0-alpha release this Friday.

That means if you’re working on an openmrs-core ticket and you want it to be included in the Platform 2.1 line you your code must be committed and merged in the next ~2 days. (Don’t worry, anything that doesn’t make this deadline will just be in the next Platform minor version later in the year.)

There are currently 14 issues unresolved that I’m going to be pushing to get closed soon, and/or bumped to Platform 2.2.0.

(@getshravan, @raff, @yvsssantosh, @jtatia, @ldf92, I see tickets assigned to you that aren’t committed yet, so those are the most likely to be bumped to Platform 2.2 unless something happens in the next couple days.)

Also, we will continue bundling the same 3 modules in the Platform:, owa, and fhir.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or concerns about any of this!

This is done. We now have a 2.1.x release branch and a 2.1.0-alpha tag.

We currently plan for 2.1.0 to be a lightweight release of openmrs-core, and not a full Platform LTS release (see the conversation here), so I have released the WAR to sourceforge, but I have not released a standalone or platform with bundled modules.

Release process notes (I’m not actually addressing these issues now because I’m pressed for time, and I know that @raff is going to look at cleaning up this process soon):

  • our Platform Release Process wiki page still says “subversion” 10 times. Should replace with git/github
  • In Alpha Release 1.a.i. the command mvn release:branch -DbranchName=1.8.x -Dusername=<scm-username> -Dpassword=<scm-password> fails.
  • The failing command is git push djazayeri:****
  • Error message is ssh: Could not resolve hostname djazayeri: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
  • I modified the scm urls a bit, and I updated the version of maven-release-plugin, but it still fails in the same way. (And I later reverted these changes.)
  • next step would be to change the scm urls from git: to https: but I don’t have time to test for possible side effects if I do this, so I’m going to fall back to branching manually.
  • The “Automatic Maven way” of doing the release failed for me, because mvn release:prepare failed with many errors about javadoc and then when I resolved that I got the same error as above about failing to push.
  • the solution mentioned here works We need your help to get OpenMRS running Java 8 (I don’t know why this wasn’t necessary in 2.0.x)
  • the javadoc errors we are ignoring are here:
  • I got around this by doing the release from bamboo, which for some reason was listed as the third option instead of the first.
  • I skipped steps 12-15 (preparing the platform and the standalone) due to the conversation here.