Bot no longer working!!!

The bot for the broken builds on irc nolonger works,it needs to be fixed!! @dkayiwa @raff

@herbert24 what is bot in full?? may be i can get an idea of how to go about the blocker :grinning:

Is it related to some bits of these? Scrum on scrum CI status not showing

hi,hope this might be helpful to you

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According to this link Scrum on scrum CI status not showing it looks like @darius has to restart the bot because is the one with the credentials

I updated with all our bots.

I’m still trying to understand those bots myself, but I cannot restart scrum bot. That’s either @darius or @pascal.

Can you explain to me what’s the exact missing feature you are having? I wonder if I can configure OpenMRSBot to do that

the bot does not show whether the ci builds are successful or broken after using !scrumon

Is that all? The CI command shows failed builds, is that the same?

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Yes,it doesn’t show any thing related to ci builds like it used too!! Before,if the ci builds were successful,it could bring a congratulations message showing that all the builds are successful,and in case of a broken build,it could show the link of the broken build.This is what doesn’t show any more!!!

Whoa, that’s a lot of exclamation marks :sunglasses:

Let me try to rephrase it.

We have two bots (name OpenMRSbot and ScrumBot), and right now one of them (scrumbot) is offline.

I want to permanently power off scrumbot, due to maintenance (time AND money) overhead. I’m asking what’s the minimum viable product I can deliver instead. Assume for a moment that the scrumbot is never going to come back.

I know that when you used to do ‘!scrumon’, it would show a list of all broken builds. I don’t think I can deliver it on the same command. Would it be ok to provide a command like ‘!ci’ to do that?

There’s right now already a ‘!ci’ command, but it also shows past errors (that have been fixed already). But I think I can fix that.