Bootstrap Integration Status

@ssmusoke and others… just wondering what the current status is of merging in the Bootstrap GSoC changes?

We’ve just made a change to Registration App that we want to include in the PIH EMR, but I’m assuming if we update the latest snapshot of Registration App, there are several other modules we will need to update to snapshot as well? Do we have a list of them? And is that recommended at this point, or are we still working out issues with the integration?

Thanks! Mark

fyi @alaboso

@mozzy @ayesh what is the status of this for the next release of Ref 2.10 ?

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@ayesh @ssmusoke does this mean that for any implementation which wants to upgrade to any of the affected reference application modules, they have to upgrade all other other affected modules? To give an example, NigeriaEMR wants to upgrade their coreapps module for certain fixes contained in there. Does this force them to also have to upgrade a bunch of others modules that have boostrap changes?

Hi @c.antwi

Actually we didn’t hear any issue yet from @ruhanga or @mksd after the last few was fixed.I was checking few modules as well like order entry ui and so on but it worked fine for me on them.

Hi @dkayiwa

Hm, unfortunately, yes :expressionless:.Otherwise, there will be issues on the ui. I think this is obvious because the changes were scattered around modules.

If they are seeking for a quick fix. May be to revert back changes related to bootstrap changes from core apps and do a release for them might help.But I dunno going forward for how long we can keep it that way. :no_mouth:

Upgrading coreapps as I have seen requires that the Reference Application, App Ui and Ui Commons modules are upgraded as well. The upgraded modules affect other modules including Admin Ui, Allergy Ui, Registration App, Chart Search, Html Form Entry Ui and Appointment Scheduling Ui.

In summary the modules that would be affected are summarized below.

Module With Bootstrap Version
Core Apps 1.24.0-SNAPSHOT
UI Commons 2.9.0-SNAPSHOT
Reference Application Module 2.10.0-SNAPSHOT
App UI 1.11.0-SNAPSHOT
Admin UI 1.2.6-SNAPSHOT
Allergy UI 1.8.2-SNAPSHOT
Registration App 1.15.0-SNAPSHOT
Chart Search 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
Html Form Entry UI 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT
Appointment Scheduling UI 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT
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Just did a test upgrade of the PIH EMR to the latest version of all these modules. We will have to do some more detailed further testing, but wanted to get a quick overview of how things were looking. I’m noticing some immediate differences and was an wondering if these are intentional changes or bugs (perhaps specific to the PIH EMR because we don’t use the referenceapp module).

  • I’m seeing that the header has been removed from the home page:

  • The buttons on the app page are now different sizes:

(I’m guessing this is fixed by these commit, that I should be able to apply to he PIH EMR:

  • The header is no long picking up our custom color (which, tangentially, we wanted to change, but… :slight_smile: )

  • On the clinician dashboard, it looks like the two columns are no longer even widths (the left-hand one is slighty wider… resulting in some some of the formatting on right-hand column being thrown off… see “Vitals” below) Also, I think the overall width is slightly smaller:

(Not sure of these being a side effect of Bootstrap being more responsive, and we just need to tweak some of our designs to take advantage of this)

I’m curious if other distributions have tried to upgrade and what they are seeing.

Thanks! Mark

Hi @mogoodrich

Where can I read about PIH EMR.And what do u mean by not using the ref app module.I will for sure help on fixing if here is any issue but I donno about PIH EMR servers.Can u give me a small guidance so I can have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

And we have not removed the header and the size of the homepage module icons or recorded vitals page diff these are issues.But in qaref app we have tested things and working fine.Please have a look there as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @ayesh!

The top-level “distro” module can be found here:

When I mean we don’t use the Ref App module I mean that we don’t include that module in our distribution, our “Mirebalais” module provides all that configuration.

We do provide some of our own stylings in the Mirebalais module, so it’s likely that some things we applied clash with the Bootstrap changes. We can start working though these and reach out if/when we have questions… though if there’s any documented guidance, that would be helpful.

Take care! Mark

@mozzy hi moses could this be suitable for adding in the forth coming release,lets pick up on the discussion in today’s pm call!!


Sure mark will have a look in to it.Stucked with a release will be able to have a look by today evening.

@herbert24 , we already have the boostrap project one of the included features in ref app 2.10 Roadmap fetures. This post is only discussing the after effects of the project .


No worries @ayesh, it isn’t an emergency!

We will likely be looking to upgrade to the latest version of all the ref app modules sometime in the coming weeks, and we can definitely reach out to you as we have questions. But if there’s anything obvious you find that after a quick look, that would be helpful… I believe I already see how to fix the problem with the different-sized buttons on the home page by following the changes made to the Reference App module.

Take care, Mark