BOD Community Member Seat Election Notice

Hello fellow OpenMRS-ers!

I’m excited to announce that we are opening the election for the community member seat on the OpenMRS Board of Directors. This seat, nominated and elected by you, is our representative of the real-world needs and experiences of the OpenMRS community and the settings and organizations we serve. I have been deeply honored to serve in this seat for the past 2 years, and I want to express my gratitude to the community for electing me to represent them. I hope I served you well during my term! Although I am leaving the community seat, I won’t be going far as I’ve accepted the invitation by the Board to take on the Chair position, to lead the Board as our community takes on our next growth as a public global digital good. Please continue to talk and strategize with me about what we need and how the Board and the OpenMRS Inc can best support our work together. I’ll do my best to serve you well!

Now it’s time for some fresh eyes to take on this community representative role to inform the Board on how to best support us in our mission. With that, I’m excited to share our candidates and their statements for the BOD community representative position. All four of these candidates are amazing people, outstanding community citizens, and I truly believe we will be in good hands with any one of them.

(in alphabetical order by last name):

Candidate statements can be read here.

Active members of the community qualify to vote in the election. Those who have posted to Talk in the past 2 years are considered an active community member. Those who qualify will receive an email inviting them to vote, with a unique link to the voting tool. If you do not receive an email but are expecting one, please make sure to check your spam/clutter/junk mail. You will be asked to rank the candidates in order of preference from 1 to 4, with 1 being your first choice for the position. The vote will be open through January 26th (23:59:59 UTC). If you don’t see the invitation email, check your spam folder. Please let @jennifer know if you have any issues with accessing the vote or do not receive an email.

Best of luck to all of our candidates!



A quick update…So far, 101 of you have cast your vote for the Community Member seat. Thank you!

There is still time to make your voice heard. You have until Saturday the 26th to find 15 minutes in your day (or night) to vote!


Where is the link for voting?

Sent to email that is on file with with your OpenMRS ID. Let @jennifer know if you can’t find it.

Thanks. Found it in my junk email :wink:


Great to see so many of you casting your vote!

If you haven’t voted yet, please take 15 minutes in the next 39 hours and 57 minutes to open up your ballot from Survey Monkey in your inbox (or junk/spam folder) and submit your vote.