Blood pressure devices

We are investigating purchase of digital blood pressure devices. Not sure when/if we will interface them with OpenMRS, but wondering if anyone has done this. Does anyone have experience with these from Welch Allyn? Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. (This is NOT an endorsement and we have NO experience with this model.

Hello Ellen - I have basically the same question, though I am interested in interfacing a few different small POC devices. I didn’t see any answers to your questions, so could you tell me if you ever found a solution. Thanks, Dennis

My question was prompted by our purchase of additional devices (circa 2017) for the 100’s of Partners In Health-supported health facilities. Our supply chain team wanted to make sure that there would be no technical obstacles. I never got a reply and we never interfaced BP devices to OpenMRS. It should be possible and useful.

@dlottero Welcome to the community and keep contributing.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m sure someone has developed POC device interfaces into OpenMRS by now. Just need to find them.




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Hi, this is my first ever post here. just discovered openMRS

I work a lot on device integrations, especialy high and low end patient monitors. Im not (yet) sure how I can contribute but i"m open to any request for help.

In Belgium I interfaced hundreds of devices to several brands of HIS. most integrations are done with ‘Mirth connect’ as middleware. If anyone needs my knowledge, I’m willing to share.



We have a requirement of connecting ADVIA 560 with OpenELIS or OpenMRS. Do you have any experience of connecting this through Mirth?

I’m afraid not, I never came in contact with hematology systems.

Mirth is not a problem, use it everyday.

mayby if I had some info about the ADVIA protocols and the desired format for OpenELIS or OPENMRS I could have a look.


@ball I’m curious, has PIH interfaced any devices directly with OpenMRS? Or done exchanges into OpenMRS via Mirth or other method? Maybe OpenHIE folks have done some of this?

HI Peter - You seem to have a lot of experience in interfacing patient monitoring devices. I am looking for a resource to help with interfacing a number of POC devices to OpenMRS. Could we set up a time to talk? I am located in the US (NYC).



Sorry for not replying for the past 5 1/2 months @janflowers.

The PIH EMR (OpenMRS) interfaces to a McKesson PACS (Radiology imaging system) using MIRTH connector. This has been solid.