(Blocker) Concept with Id 5002 doesn't exist: Cannot mark patient Deceased

When marking a patient as deceased, we get null on trying to get Concept Answers because the returned concept id (5002) doesn’t match any concept.

On the page for creating a concept, i am blocked from specifying the concept id.

Humble Request

  1. Can someone(with privilege) kindly login to the database where https://dev3.openmrs.org/ is hosted and alter any coded-concept’s id to 5002

  2. Assign it some concept answers so that concept.getAnswers() isn’t null

Otherwise, Should i just go ahead to create this concept manually through coding like here and send a PR?

This is blocking me at [O3-852] Ability to Mark Patient Deceased - OpenMRS Issues

cc @ibacher @dkayiwa @grace

We have always got the cause of death concept through a setting named concept.causeOfDeath

i didn’t think that tempering with the global properties value was a wise move but i think i should try to give this property a new value referencing an existing coded concept.

Thank you @dkayiwa

well thanks @dkayiwa the solution was pretty simple.

I just created a new concept named Cause of death and assigned some simple answers. I fed its id as the value for the concept.causeOfDeath and everything seams to work fine

Am gonna do the same at OpenMRS - Login

This was a pretty nice move than i had earlier thought

@ibacher and @icrc.psousa you guys should take a quick look here. Marking the patient as deceased and selecting the cause of death was a big deal in our 2.x-based distro, let’s not do the work twice as we upgrade.


There are numerous cause of death concepts in CIEL. There are differences between documented cause of death as part of a certificate or the probable cause of death that a clinician records. I think people have been using 1599 Probable cause of death (coded) or 160218 Probable cause of death (text)