Birthday changes wrong when saving the patient data in the registration

Hello! I noted that when saving the birthday for the patient in the registration process, it deducts one day from the birthday, e.g. if somebody’s birthday is 14th of March 2001 (14/03/2001), it saves the data as 13th of March 2001 (13/03/2001).

If you correct the birthday after that again and save again, then it will stay correct.

First I thought I just mistyped the birthday, but when testing, the system is really doing that systematically.

Hi @generare you see this mismatch if the client (the browser) and server are in different timezone. Can you verify the current timezone of your system? You can do so by running the command


If it is different, you will have to update it to the correct timezone. You can refer to this site for instructions on changing the timezone. During bahmni installation, you can provide the timezone setting in setup.yml. Please let us know if this works.

Oh, indeed I do have different timezone but surely this will be used from different timezones than in which the clinic is. The system has a correct timezone but I’m using it over the internet from a different timezone. :wink: