Biometrics Followup from Maputo Conference

We are ready for early testers for the biometric module either on the web or on the phone (Muzima ) application

Send me a quick email/request so we are able to track the software license use (the bit for identification) and are able to get meaningful feedback before releasing it to the community



Thanks Judy. Are there any design documents available for this module?

Hi Judy,

We at FACES are very much interested in this and can commit some time to participate in the testing for both web and mUzima. Keep us posted on what we need to do to get on board.


Do you want to to send me a separate message so we set up a minimalistic use case for us to move forward



I would like to inquire if the Biometrics module is already finalised and whether the tests on it are over? If tests are still ongoing I would love to be involved in the testing. I have experience in developing biometric fingerprint identification as you will see from my part time research here

I could share my experience if actively involved in biometrics authentication both fingerprint and facial (still tinkering with it).

@aeadara had spent the summer with us to help with biometrics (fingerprint) from the OpenMRS server side. It works to capture the fingerprint and store as person attribute as well as searching with fingerprint. We still need to work on the mobile side for more streamline workflow.

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Hello, I would like to work with this. It seems to be covering some of my requirements. I hope to extend it as well. Am looking for documentation, and much more. Pointers are welcome.

Whats the name of the biometric(fingerprint) device you used?



I found this link useful to me. I used it to inform myself about the Registration Module that has biometrics.

@judy I hope that the holidays are going well with you and you got back okay from the conference.

This module provides an excellent foundation for the Uganda program so please do share how we can leverage the work that you have done. We can also commit developer time and capacity to enhance the module both for our internal needs and the community needs cc @smuwanga and @jmpango

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Sorry for late reply. Currently on vacation.

Please see for more information.

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Hello Stephen

Two things

  1. I never got to do my interview on you for openMRS. Would you have some to chat about this over the coming weeks maybe on Skype?

  2. Would you like for us to chat and figure out a way forward . Adding saptarshi who is my other collaborator on this



@judy I am happy to do an interview after January 11 would be good. My Skype username is same as OpenMRS ID.

Would like to setup a separate discussion on the biometrics week starting January 4, as the team would need help to hit the ground running immediately @smuwanga @jmpango @sunbiz

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I am available on Wed, 6th Jan to discuss this on a call. Does that work for you @judy, @ssmusoke @smuwanga . We tried many different approaches, but I think the best approach depends on the kind of clients that you plan to use. With Windows, it is easy to use the WBF and work with different fingerprint readers and a standard template. With Linux, its slightly more convoluted because of not all device drivers work with libPAM. On Android clients, with Android 6.0 central API, its as easy as in Windows.

@sunbiz, @judy, @ssmusoke & @jmpango am available. My skype id: simon.muwanga

@judy said she couldn’t make it today… How about sometime later this week? Does Friday 15:00 GMT work for everyone? @judy also said over the weekend is preferred too. Does that work for others?

1500 doesn’t work

But if we can get a slot outside 8-5 pm EST that would be great

Any time except mid day on the 13th works too

Can we chat at 7.30 AM EST Monday the 11th ?


I will be available.

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I would love to be on the call as well!