Biometric on OpenMRS android

Hello everyone. I am using this version of OpenMRS android I would like to integrate an external fingerprint scanner to be able to capture fingerprint for clients and store the fingerprint data in an sql table.

I will appreciate any guidance on this please. @rishabh997 and @sourabh

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Do you intent to add this feature in a local repository of yours or push it on the original project???

Thank you for your response. It shall be on a local repo on the forked project let me say. In case it might come in handy to others.

Interesting feature @akoruji so do you need to integrate this finger print data collection as a workflow of register patient module ? or a standalone feature.

I would prefer it as a stand alone feature. The vision is to be able to capture the patients fingerprint whether New or existing patients. If I make it part of the patient registration will users be able to use it for existing patients on the app? Also can dump an already existing biometric table in the app to ensure validation of fingerprint across the database during capture? Many thanks.

@akoruji I searched through the OpenMRS Talk found some relevant discussion, here. For this feature to be functional in android client we would need some functional Rest Module. I am not aware of the implementation details of this specific module that is needed cc @gcliff