Biomedical Informatics Bootcamp, University of Nairobi, 2016!

The University of Nairobi’s School of Computing and Informatics has once again hosted its annual bootcamp specifically focusing on the health sector in Kenya. The two key domains are OpenMRS and DHIS2!

We wish the students fun learning and welcome them to the OpenMRS community!


@wanyee, Can you kindly provide details about the bootcamp??? date, schedule, place etc

The bootcamp started last week at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo campus in Nairobi, Kenya. @stevewaweru is supporting the bootcamp as a coordinator and will provide more details in terms of actual OpenMRS tasks, duration, etc about the bootcamp.

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The Health Informatics Bootcamp began on 25th January 2016 and will be running for 6 weeks till 4th March 2016. We are training the students on Health informatics in Kenya. We focus on sensitizing on health informatics in Kenya and also engaging them in development on health platforms such as OpenMRS and DHIS2. Participants also get to have talks from specialists indicating where we are in health and the problems that are there that need solving. We also are engaging developers to come and train them is OpenMRS and DHIS2. We will really appreciate if we could have a session with anyone of you roughly of 2hrs on either development, implementation or sensitization of health bioinformatics to join contact me at steviewez■■■■■■■■■■ and will organize a day. Thank you

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Thanks Steve!

Just to re-emphasis what Waweru has said, students are members of self-organized groups coalescing around OpenMRS and DHIS tasks (Steve, please list out these tasks). We would also like to use the [OpenMRS Developer stages] ( to determine their progress in developing competency in OpenMRS software development - and therefore, request support from @burke, @sunbiz and others who have an interest in this aspect. We are also exposing the students to OpenMRS 101 content starting with what was presented at the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit 2015 tutorials like the concept dictionary stuff.


Stephen & Steve (I like the combo) I am happy to talk about and share what I know & have learnt based on the work being done for Uganda @jmpango thoughts?


Good to hear from you! Sure, we can plan for Skype, Google Hangout…and you are also invited to come to Nairobi too…we’ll plan and let you know. What days and times work well for you?

Great idea @stevewaweru and @wanyee. We can have the discussions and plan beyond Kenya borders, Uganda is much interested to participate in it.

Great to hear from @jmpango and @ssmusoke. Would like to participate and collaborate in whichever means possible. Please let me know on the times that you are available for either a skype chat or email me for any details required.

Thanks @stevewaweru. my skypeID is jmpango. we can set up a skype chat. @ssmusoke can advice on the best time for the chat

@stevewaweru is there a summary writeup for this event that some who were not able to attend/participate can read and learn from?

Hey @nmuinga. I have attached a summary write up below Bootcamp Jan 2016 Writeup.pdf (38.3 KB)

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@stevewaweru, thanks for the write up. lets us know of the next BootCamp.