Best way to create an official sprint?

I want to create an official sprint for Proposing a sprint to help people upgrade to Platform 2.x (Mozambique tried to upgrade to Platform 2.x, but was blocked for various reasons).

Based on the out-of-date Development Sprints wiki page it seems that I should create the sprint on this board which covers all OpenMRS Sprints. However I’m blocked by the fact that the query behind this board does not include the RCM module, and the query is owned by @raff so I can’t edit it. (I could probably edit the board itself and create a new query, owned by me.)

Alternate the How-To Have a Sprint wiki page says I should just create a new board for this. (It would be a new board because the tickets span multiple projects. I’m not thrilled about creating a new board just for this sprint, but at least it’s straightforward to do.)

@raff, @dkayiwa, @burke, what should I do here? (FYI @jthomas this is why I haven’t created the sprint yet.)

Also, I take it there is no longer a single place for a community member to go and see what sprint are being planned an upcoming?

@darius, I see you have resolved the access rights issue, is that right?

Yes, we have “resolved” the problem by Burke making me the owner of that filter, instead of you.