Best Practice for Using Other Specify concept in Forms

I am wondering what the best practice for using the Other concept especially for coded values in forms that require a free text value when the coded option is not available.

  1. Do I have to create obs groups for the concepts where an other option is placed?

  2. How do I ensure that multiple uses of this concepts in different places on my form do not conflict?

We have 3 different practices:

ONE: When using a question with coded answers (ie. “Cardiac exam findings”), we add “Other non-coded (CIEL:5622)” along with the obs showCommentField and commentFieldLabel attributes. The text result sets obs.comments for this obs. For example,

TWO: If you already have a ConvSet, use “Other non-coded (text)” concept to collect free text.

THREE: We have also used a separate concept for “other”, but I don’t prefer this method since you end up with many concepts to represent other:

If other, please specify: