Ben Waters Code Reviews!

@benwaters for the last couple of days, we have seen you do a number of code reviews. Given the fact that you have just joined the community less than a month ago and you are already doing such, it makes you even more awesome. As you can see by our pull request backlog, we are in a great need of volunteers who do code reviews. That is why your activity caught our immediate attention. This is what is called reviewing code to save lives!!!

Therefore, on behalf of the OpenMRS Community, we would like to say thank you very very much! :slight_smile:

And by the way, there is also what we call OpenMRS Developer Stages, just in case you find them interesting.


Hey Daniel, no problem :slight_smile:

Like you say I’m still pretty new to OpenMRS and still learning about it. I find reviewing PRs good as a learning tool also just to see what the issue was and how it was fixed. Also a good way to make smaller contributions because the reality is my day job takes up a lot of my time.

I’ll try to keep at it and hopefully that backlog can get a little bit smaller.

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That will be awesome! :smile: