Beloved Community

An email from Jim Morgan ( about using OpenMRS in Cite Soleil in Port au Prince, Haiti:

I worked in CIte Soleil today, and each time I do and see our EMR humming along. It’s humming in an area that is one of the poorest parts of Haiti, where there ‘s no electricity or sanitation, where the police won’t even go [because] it’s considered too dangerous , and yet we can use a state of the art EMR to take one step closer to bringing more health to a community, and in so doing a greater sense of egalitarianism and personhood. I am grateful to the many like you who have labored to make this EMR a focal point of their careers. We are able to have genuine impact in no small part because of your work.

When Martin Luther King spoke of the “Beloved Community” he was not talking about a fictitious place. He meant it. He believed that people , through their own agency, could and would come together for a greater good, often at significant risk to themselves, to make the world a better place. It is not a stretch to say that your work, and that of your colleagues, would fit into King’s grand plans.

If you are interested to work as a consultant for this great project, reach out to me and I’ll connect you with Jim.

Ellen Ball | Partners In Health