Beginner wondering what openrms is all about and how can i contribute to this open source

Hey there guys. I’m a first year engineering student and i found about this organization in gsoc forum. I dont have much knowledge about open source. Since i was learning java and webevelopment i searched about this organization. Can you guide me what is this org all about and how should i begin my learning and learn how to contribute to open source to gain valuable experience

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Hello @jaideepsekhon015 , welcome to OpenMRS. Incase you haven’t, you could take a look at this guide for the new & curious :grin:

Thanks for the article . Looks quiet big but im interested to get started

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Hey @wodpachua , it seems is down !

Yes it is… @aryanp45 , its currently undergoing some migration work…

Check out these in the mean time… incase you’re interested in doing some exploring…


hey! I am a third year student at NSUT, Delhi where i am pursuing Computer Science and artificial intelligence. I am relatively newer to open source but eager to contribute. I have gone through the resources mentioned above. Can you please guide me how i should pick issues. I have had a look at the issue tracker but am unable to identify where to start with. I am familiar with java and MERN.