[Bed Management] User is able to assign the patient to a Bed even if the patient doesn't have any active visit.

Context: Admitting a patient to a bed usually needs IPD visit. When the patient has OPD visit, popup message will be displayed to close the OPD visit and open IPD visit when tried to Admit the patient. But when the patient doesn’t have any active visit, user is able to assign the bed to the patient.


  • Register a new patient and save without opening any visit
  • Navigate to Bed Management Module
  • Select “All Patients” Queue
  • Search for the patient and navigate to the Patient Bed Management screen
  • Observe that the user is able to assign the bed to a patient even if the patient doesn’t have any active visit

Expected Result: As a user, i should be displayed with a popup to open visit for the patient when tried to Admit the patient to any bed.

Do let us know if we have any use-case where in we admit any patient to the Bed without having an active visit.

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Thanks @krishnachaitanya for reporting this.

I’d say that the patient should be admitted (see here) for IPD’s bed assignment to be possible.

That feature is actually allowed and intentional. Admission can be triggered from emergency, or as directed by the doctor to get admitted (like reporting before a day for surgery). It can happen at times when there is none at the ‘registration’ desk (later in the night, early morning). Even assignments of beds are sometimes done by the IPD nurses in rural hospitals, over a hand written note, or over a phone call.
Bahmni creates an IPD visit automatically. If you would really want to bring in rules, then it should made it extensible or entirely driven by privileges. @akhilmalhotra1 @akhilmalhotra

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Thats also the reason why “All” search allows for patients who do not have visits, btw. You may choose to not show “all” search for a user.

I agree with Angshu and the scenario he describes is valid for a lot of rural hospitals.

Also, there is a difference in behaviour of the Bed Management module. In the case the user tries to assign a bed to a patient without an active visit, the notes field becomes mandatory. The user has to mention the reason for admitting a non-active patient and an IPD visit is automatically created. But if the patient has an active visit, the notes field is not mandatory.

If your implementation does not want this behaviour, then please introduce a feature toggle as a configuration that allows to admit a non-active patient by default.