Be an OpenMRS leader. Be a GSoC mentor.

Greetings developers,

Many of you are aware that Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is coming up soon. But did you know we have only until next Friday (19 February) to get our application and ideas submitted to Google?

We need your help to make it happen. Consider being a GSoC mentor!

We’re looking for interested experienced OpenMRS developers to mentor a student project during GSoC 2016. These projects can provide value not only to getting some things done, but also in creating great new contributors to OpenMRS.

Won’t you consider helping out again this year? Please see for details and next steps. Again, we have only one week to get our project ideas listed, so don’t delay!

Reply to this post or contact @michael & @surangak with questions.

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This is a reminder that there is just about 24 hours left to register as a mentor and list your project idea! GSoC is an amazing opportunity, so we hope you’ll consider being involved this year. :slightly_smiling: