bdd branch is missing on openmrs-contrib-uitestframework master

Am followed thiswiki when setting up qadev environment. Have encountered an exception when checking out a branch bdd against openmrs-contrib-uitestframework master so as to compile its bdd branch.
Steps Followed
1. Have cloned the the repo
2. Ran git checkout bdd against the local repo
Got exception:
opensource@opensource-OptiPlex-3010:~/qadev/openmrs-contrib-uitestframework$ git checkout bdd error: pathspec ‘bdd’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

cc: @k.joseph

well i dont think we have this branch on that module,what does git branch -a return

bbd means Behavior-driven development - Wikipedia its not a branch,this is also indicated in the wiki page you are following

The branch exists as per this guideline . Have just realised linking the local repo cloned from my fork to upstream repo makes the branch bdd does appear from the local repo.

point me to that section

Under the sub-section labeled: Compile UITestFramework
I quote from the doc

This is the Reference application distribution’s user interface test framework, it uses selenium for its webdriver.

Clone and compile its bdd branch

git clone

git checkout bdd

mvn clean install

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arght i have seen the section

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before checkout, run git fetch --all

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It works out pretty cool. Thanks

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