Basics of Collection Management in OCL – New Video Series Released

Have you been meaning to try out Open Concept Lab (OCL), but are not sure where to start? Do you want to better understand OCL’s features and uses? Do you want to see OCL in action while learning about its capabilities? If so, we have a great video series for you.

The OCL Community has launched a new and helpful video series all about OCL Collections. These quick ~6 minute videos will help you to understand what Collections can do and how you can build and manage them in OCL. It also includes demonstrations of Collection creation and management in the OCL TermBrowser.

Start the playlist on the OCL YouTube Channel or watch below!

Want to ask questions or share your experiences? Join the OCL Squad call or the # ocl channel on OpenMRS Slack.


Congratulations @jamlung and thank you @suruchi because I know you had ++ input!

I love how short the videos are - so many recordings in our industry are 1hr long which is a pretty big barrier.

I love the “Albums” vs “Playlists” analogy:


CC @wamz @antony @wanyee you may find these invaluable for some of your recent work!