bamboo setup for transifex

PS- I did a re-run of the failed jobs only, so it’s now green. But it was red, because of timeouts, at least in the job for the mdrtb module.

I guess we can just wait and see, and hope that was a one-time failure.

I’ve seen that error before, it appears to be something internal to Bamboo server (sometimes when the server is too busy, or sometimes the VM doesn’t receive enough CPU time and so on).

It doesn’t seem to be related to the build, I would expect it to be a flakeyness on the server itself.

Absolutely. My current plan is to read that information from the pom.xml file (the same field used during maven releases), I will take a look on it tomorrow.

Out of curiosity, I created the build which pulls translations from transifex into the module.

How the new strings are pushed to transifex for future translation?

Transifex has a built-in feature where it can pull the file from github. (It checks daily/nightly.)