Bamboo login failure

Hello helpdesk ,

Iam currently failing to login to my Bamboo account. But can login into my other openmrs accounts with the same credentials.

Can someone help ?

@jwnasambu @dkayiwa

Oh sorry about it! Kindly share the screenshot of the error you are getting.

That’s how the error looks like

@tendomart could you have forgotten your bamboo password? I can a confirm the username is okay.

Nop… tis actually saved in my browser.

can you reset just incase ?

Yes you can reset.

can u get me fixed ?

I have just reset captacha kindly try logging in again.

Thanks @jwnasambu no success at all…

Its fine! I will share with you a new password in private.

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@tendomart kindly feel free to change the password after logging in.

Thanks for the fix.

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