Bamboo limits build plans

Of recent I was looking into why all the new test workflows in qaframework master were failing and after re-running plans on Distribution, QA Framework and a manual run on those specific workflows on qaframework repo, then all the tests passed and they are now green.

However, I notice I am not able to do any more build plan on QA Framework via Bamboo with a flag message:

Plan cannot currently be run because you have reached your concurrent build limit.

According to the log, I think my number of plans I can run in a specific period of time has reached its maximum. Though not sure whether the period is in terms of hours or days or weeks or months! Any idea on this log ? cc: @dkayiwa @jwnasambu @ibacher @herbert24 @mozzy

I think this may mean you’re already running the same project in Bamboo.

Is this helpful?

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@kdaud Bamboo is configured to only allow a single run of each project at a time. Just cancel the previous build if you want to start a new one.

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This works like a charm! Thanks @ibacher

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