Bamboo Database Backup CI Plan

Who is responsible for?

The error being reported is a permission error, so I presume some configuration change happened, and the infrastructure team needs to fix this.

I created helpdesk case #24424 on Jan 20. No response yet.

There is other failing CI plans, @dkayiwa do you know if they’re are being attended to?

Last successful was 6 months ago

It’s trying to run /opt/scripts/ on the Bamboo server (CI).

Responsible would be either me or @ryan. I will take a look.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Last green build was in 26th July. First red build in 02 Aug.

In 30th July @ryan changed the ssh keys on the agents

I don’t have access to the code which updates machine, but I can login and there’s no ~bamboo/.ssh/authorized_keys file there, so bamboo agents cannot login to the server.

So Ryan, I could ‘fix’ it manually. But I’m fairly sure it’s not good enough :slight_smile:

Yep, that was the issue, the agents can now access that box to backup the db. I reran the build and it is showing green now.

@wyclif i sent a private email to @ch3ck regarding them and here is his response:

Hi Daniel,

Cintia Del Rio, took over the work on these so far. I asked for his help since there were some issues I did not properly understand with docker. He recommended I read up properly on docker and how to setup these containers. I"ve not had time to study them up; but I’ll still like to continue working on these.

Cheers! Nyah

Thanks so much @ryan!

Yes, @wyclif, I wanted to give to @ch3ck the work from this repo:

But the thing is I couldn’t really make openmrs connect to the database (

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Basically you are saying @ryan will fix the permission issues so i can assign him as the one responsible?

@wyclif, per @ryan’s comment, this has been fixed and the build is green. So I don’t think anyone needs to comment or assign responsibility any further on this specific build failure.

Ok, thanks guys!