Bamboo build status icons are not loading

The build status icons are not loading due to that the build statuses shown in the QA framework repo is also not showing.

I checked it from the bamboo and the icons are not loading in the bamboo as well.

cc: @kdaud @jayasanka

@ibacher, could you be knowing why the modules’ build status icons are failing to load in bamboo?

Hi @anjisvj,

Maybe the links are outdated. Click on the relevant build from the below list and navigate to the status icon tab.

I checked it @jayasanka It’s not loading on bamboo as well.

Not really, sorry.

Not so certain, but it may be linked to →

According to this the plugin is retired and archived. We better find something else.

Thanks @anjisvj for finding the root cause of the issue.

Do you have a suggestion we can opt for?

I talked with @jayasanka regarding this over the last QA team call. We decided to remove the icons and add the link to the bamboo build page. Our bamboo version is also too old. Maybe we can find a solution once we upgrade it.

Do we have a Jira ticket to track this?

No, I can create a one. WDTY? Shall we remove the icons?

I agree with the team’s decision.

Put references to the ticket why the status icons are being demoted.

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Sure, will do.

I created the following ticket: [O3-2123] Remove the bamboo build status icons - OpenMRS Issues

@anjisvj according to the above should we consider adding links to Bamboo builds… as in leave out the text links or for now we can just remove the icon-status badges…

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yes, exactly @jonathan

@anjisvj, I’ve added a comment on the ticket.

yeah here’s the issue [RATEST-348] Remove the bamboo build status icons - OpenMRS Issues

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Is there a reason not to use OpenMRS Shields?

For example:



See README at openmrs-contrib-shields


not really @burke I think this is a better option…