Bamboo agent upgraded, watch out for unexpected behaviours

I applied some OS changes to half of the Bamboo agents (gw107 ones).

Let me know if you find any inconsistencies (e.g. a build which fails on gw107 but passes on gw108, or a build which suddenly started failing).

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So, there was quite a few side effects:

  • Node got updated. I upgraded it even further, we now have 6.9 node (from 0.10 :D)
  • For a few hours, some installers were deleted (java 7, bower). They are already back.

Some things I couldn’t really recover.

  • Maven 2: Apparently no build is using it, so I’m planning on ignoring it ever existed :smiley:
    • OpenJDK 6: We still have a lot of builds relying on it. Can I upgrade them all to JDK 7 or 8?

Yes you can upgrade, because all our builds that use JDK 6 can use 7

Just to be clear, though , JDK 7 is fine, but JDK 8 is not… thanks!

All good, I will start the migration to JDK 7 :slight_smile:

The other agents were upgraded today.