Bahmni with Dictation module

Dear Members

Just wonder we have any dictation modules that can be used on Bahmni.

one of the common ways to add details to the patient records is to dicatate the clinic letters and do a transcription of the same and store it as “Clinical Letters”. commonly done in a hospital setting on a different piece of software - dictated by a clinician and then typed by a secretary or someone.

Is it possible to add this functionality (speech into text) on the consultation tab - where in there must be an option to use a microphone to dictate the letters and transcribe the same to text (something like google voice typing) to produce a letter that can be saved after correcting for any errors.

These transcriptions then appear in the “clinical Letters” section on dashboard with the details of date the letter created and the name of the person who created it and specilaty of the person who dictated it.

many thanks

This is a sample created using Chrome Dictation on Mac to take notes on clinical observation module.

When a form is printed the required observations are attached to appear in the print as mentioned here.