Bahmni virtualbox installation error on Windows 10 home

When I tried to follow the instructions on and

I was able to upload virtualbox but it was not running

On searching I was able to find the problem which was to run virtual environment hyper-v should be enabled and some windows like of mine does not support it image

Refer to it:

So I propose we should add the following text to the wiki pagr as a note:" It’s impossible to run bahmni using virtualbox and vagrant on certain windows versions ."

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Or perhaps more something like this:

You may encounter issues when setting up VirtualBox on Windows and we encourage you to do your Bahmni related FOSS development on Un*x platforms.

Or something along those lines. I would suspect than less than 10% of people around here work routinely with Windows. I think it is realistic (and effective in the context of OpenMRS/Bahmni) to encourage developers to work on Un*x systems.

Ok I will edit as per your guidance.