Bahmni Virtual Box Installation

Please is bahmni virtual box installation enough to manage patient’s medical records, hospital operations and lab information?

Are you asking if the default vagrant available is ready for production? If so, no! Can you use a Vagrant/VirtualBox based installation in production - then, yes - you can. There are few instances where people are using it so.

Thanks Sarkar, please is it possible to tweak the default vagrant? If yes, how do i go about it?

If the above options are not attainable, kindly point me to an online resources where a new vagrant user can learn how to create one.

I am not sure what you want actually - or mean by tweaking!

You can always spin up your own Vagrant instance. See an example of Vagrant file here

Once you have provisioned the vagrant box

vagrant up

You can then login to vagrant

vagrant ssh

Then you can just follow the bahmni installation process, just like you would do in any CentOS machine. Follow Steps for Installing Bahmni v0.91 mentioned here

Also check the release notes for Bahmni 0.91 first. Find it here

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Thanks again Sarkar,

If i may rephrase my questions, why is the default bahmni vagrant not ready for production? What should be done to make ready for production?

Installing a vagrant box is not an issue here, I just want to know why the existing box is not suitable and what can be done.

Thank you very much.

because its loaded with demo setup and mainly targeted for demonstration or development.

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