Bahmni version 0.93 released

Hello Community,

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the release of Bahmni 0.93. It sure has taken some time since version 0.92, however in the end, we are happy that Bahmni 0.93 comes out with tons of features, improvements and fixes. It would not have happened without you all, and you ought to be really proud of this achievement. This release of Bahmni brings broadly the following features (and not limited to):

  1. Localization - While Bahmni was designed for internationalization, there remain certain gaps and challenges towards completely localizing a specific Bahmni implementation. In this release, gaps primarily in Registration and Clinical modules have been fixed. For concepts, if you have the metadata properly set up for other languages, it would reflect so once you have logged on to a specific locale.

  2. Appointment Module Features - new features include ability to schedule for multiple providers for an appointment, conflict management for patients and services, ability to schedule recurring appointments etc

  3. Forms 2 - Forms now have additional events like onSave which allows you to do validation at form level. Form builder UI now provides a JavaScript editor with basic validations, help etc. It also provides a “preview” mode to test out your form and its behavior. Also a new table control has been introduced.

  4. Access Control - Reports and forms can now be made accessible to users with specified privileges.

  5. OT Scheduling - Weekly view is now provided for OT schedules.

  6. Configure additional orderables - you may mark a concept as “sellable” and configure such concepts in the orders tab, so that on order they appear on Odoo quotations. For example - procedures, counselling, physiotherapy etc

  7. Bahmni Connect Sync improvement - Bahmni connect now has ability to sync catchment wise data, driven by a UI. Initial data synchronization is also optimized.

  8. Lab Improvements - result entry for referred out tests can be marked as done, test status configuration, test method management, sample printout with barcode

  9. Security fixes - security enhancements towards XSS, CSRF, Domain whitelisting, Injections Attacks etc

  10. Teleconsultation - (Preview feature only) - It’s also possible to schedule a tele consultation appointment, built on top of Jitsi, allowing Doctor-patient interactions over video. Note, while the teleconsultation feature is fully functional, there are some missing features you should be aware of before using on production.

  11. Oviyam Viewer Upgrade - Oviyam Dicom Viewer has been upgraded to v.2.8.1.

Please note, some of the links to documentation may not be there yet. In the days to come, we hope to fix all of them and update the WIKI. Please point out any gaps as you see.

Where can I read more about it?

  • See here for detailed release notes. You will also find documentation and story card links to individual features and fixes in the release notes.
  • See here for specific binaries link for individual components

Are there videos too?

We will be uploading videos on some of the bigger features and other enhancements on Bahmni YouTube channel soon. We also hope to do some webcasts soon.

Is there a demo environment? website will be upgraded soon. As of now, please check

The login credentials can be found here. Check section on “access the application”

Have any questions, feedback or need help?

Reach out to us on talk, ping on the #community channel in Bahmni slack

Check out our Medium Blog for interesting stories and experiences with Bahmni.

What’s next?

We have been gathering feedback, listening for requirements/asks/problems, analyzing backlogs and have had several discussions on PAT call. We will go through them again together with the community and coalition. Some of the projects are already afoot. Please bookmark the “Active Projects” page.

So many have contributed towards this release by spending time/pouring over issues/ docs/codes etc, contributing patches/fixes/features, helping in brain-storming, testing, reviewing, commenting, encouraging and supporting us. We couldn’t have done without yours and community support.

Thanks for the love. :vulcan_salute:


(On behalf of Bahmni Coalition & Release Team)


CONGRATULATIONS!! Major achievement!

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We are bull headed about showing our respect to anyone who contributes to Bahmni. If you do not see your name in here, please ping us and we will rectify the mistake, in the next release/opportunity we have.


New Vagrant box for Bahmni v0.93 has been released.

Congratulations on the great milestone !!

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