Bahmni (Version 0.92) Virtual Box

I want to to do some intergration between OpenERP and Asterisk. I would want to utilise certain fuctionalities only supported in OpenERP 10 (odoo) which was only integrated in Bahmni 0.92.

Looking at the existing Virtual boxes documents here , there seems to be no existing virtual box for 0.92.

I would want to run a virtual box for Bahmni 0.92 that’s intergrated with odoo (OpenERP 10). some help

cc @sravanthi17 @mksrom @angshuonline

@mozzy you can follow the steps mentioned in the below wiki to build the virtual box for bahmni 0.92v.

Thanks @binduak. for the reply, now at this step

python <bahmni_version> <ansible_version>

ill use bahmni version 0.92.
what of the ansible version ??