Bahmni v0.92 fails to install on centos 7.6 minimal due to ansible version

**Application Name:**Bahmni **Version Number:**0.92

**Question:**Why bahmni fails to install due to variations on version of ansible. How can I successfully install bahmni v0.92 to centos 7.6 minimal with current version of ansible 2.6

Hello Team, anyone who can help me in editing this file to meet my installation needs since the installation only stops from /opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/group_vars/local for iam installing Bahmni v0.92 in centos 7.6 minimal and downgraded ansible to i would appreciate your kind assistance as to this isssue Thanks

Hello Bahmni Team,i managed to research on the issues that limited the installation from procedding,however,i reached to the task of Backup openelis markers, failed_events tables in Bahmni-lab, anyone who knows how to continue from here. Thanks

Used the Following ansible version for installation on cloud

Ansible Version- ansible-

Postgres rpm version- pgdg-redhat-repo-latest.noarch.rpm

Ran the below command and did some modification before bahmni install command

yum install -y

Go to the following location /opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/group_vars and edit line #78-79 with the text below

postgres_repo_rpm_name: pgdg-redhat-repo-latest.noarch.rpm
postgres_repo_download_url:{{ postgres_repo_rpm_name}}

After the above steps, Ran Bahmni install command

It will Fail at:

Then ran the below command :

pip uninstall beautifulsoup4

pip install beautifulsoup4

and retried bahmni install command and it got successfully completed.

But on Local machine, When I tried the same It got failed on below step

This require some more investigation.