Bahmni User Authentication via LDAP

Hello Bahmni, will your open source application be able to connect to an existing windows LDAP server to authenticate existing users? Is there such a module available in your most recent application?

(posted on behalf of a community member)

Bahmni depends on OpenMRS behind-the-scenes for Authentication. We haven’t yet had any use case of Bahmni integration with an LDAP server, and I am not sure if OpenMRS currently has LDAP support. Maybe someone from OpenMRS team can also chime in with their thoughts and experience in this.

The OpenMRS Platform does not currently support LDAP (or any external authentication).

We hope that someday someone contributes this functionality, but it’s not currently on any specific roadmap that I know of.

Hello OpenMRS, I’ve submitted that initial question to Bahmni in regards to a module or a plugin for this medical web application to utilize existing LDAP infrustructure to authenticate its internal users. I see, no such module is available at the moment. This is perfectly fine. This medical software is quite well develop.I am certain someone may take some time and develop this module down the line. Keep up the Great work !

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Hello OpenMRS, A LDAP module or a plugin for OpenMRS or other similar medica record web application would be something nice to have when connecting or authenticating to an existing LDAP/Kerborose/WindoseDomain server. When i was working a while back at an university, when i setup and configured Wikipedia, there was a php module or something built-in for wikipedia to authenticate existing users using this php module after conducting some configuration. i beleived something like that to set (“CN=,OU=,DC=,DC=,DC=google,DC=com”) something like this might work for LDAP, i dont know if windose authentication works the same as opensource LDAP. Either way, using a manual created list of users seem to be better then using a module for authenticating its internal or existing users. Are these two methods HIPPA compliant ?

regards, Freeman