Bahmni Usability Improvements

As part of 2020 product goals finalised by Bahmni coalition, Nuchange is working on the goal: improving usability of Bahmni UI.

To kickstart the discussions, I am sharing a list of usability improvements that we are planning to do here

All of these improvements have been ideated by our clients who extensively use Bahmni at point of care. I would like to invite comments on this proposal, also encourage others in the community/coalition to propose new usability improvements or share their ideas. Once finalised, based on discussions on this thread, we will start working on them in collaboration with other coalition members.

Arun Paul

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Thanks @apaule @sanjayap @muhima08 we are planning on brainstorming this and other ideas on improving the clinical interface. Would like to get your inputs/suggestions as well including feedback on Arun’s proposal.


Hi @pradiptakundu thanks for bringing this to my attention. Will review the document and happy to provide inputs based on MSF experience as some of our projects are as well using Bahmni at point of care.

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Thanks for starting the discussion @apaule. I have added my feedback to the document.

Please take some time out and provide your feedback/inputs/suggestions. We would be discussing each feature listed in the document one by one in the upcoming PAT calls.

PS: Duplicate check during patient registration has already been talked about in previous PAT calls.

cc: @muhima08 @sanjayap

@angshuonline can you share the prior Bahmni usability improvement research studies that you mentioned. @akhilmalhotra1 @sanjayap Do you have any prior feedback from the field, we can use as input for the analysis? Do you have any new items to add this list of usability improvements?

Also I remember @angshuonline mentioning somebody already working on the duplicate check, can you tag that person here.

Looks like a well-thought-out set of ideas. I’ve added a few comments today.

Here is the UX design recommendations document that was discussed during the PAT yesterday.

Hi Arun

Allergy notes is an important aspect to record and review while prescribing medications… currently there is no support to add this function… I tried to add the concept with some basic config (as in screenshot) can this be implemeted in adavced way…likein openmrs module.

i tired to add the Vitals conept to the extension.json on the registartion page (2nd page) with abnormal icon not appearing properly… I am not sure how to fix it.( I am a doctor not a IT guy)

the idea that the vitals and allergy is recorded at registartion page …so that it reduces the doctors time to review in consultation in a busy clinic.

The allergy notes is also configured to appear on the patient dashbaord but it displayes everytime a new entry is done it and previuos entries are not automatically displayed… it should display all the allergies across all the visits with an option to add if any new allergies.

I would prefer it should appear on the medication page aswell…so that prescriber is aware of the allergies.

many thanks

Hi We recommend that you dont use the registration page for capturing vital information as registration is typically done once for a patient but vitals will be captured every time the patient visits the clinic or hospital. Please use the vitals capture form in the clinical module.

Thanks alot, i just wonder this…if the patient’s journey at hospital starts at the reception desk with making sure the registration details are updated everytime patient comes in and the visit purpose is recorded at the registration page. if we are recording the weight and height at this stage… It certainly make sense to record the vitals here on this page just to stop duplicating the work. Just wanted to know how to enable the abnormal translate key to work on this page.

And any ideas on the allergy modules or concept. regards.

@nsmalipatil The best place in Bahmni to capture the Allergies will be on the Diagnosis tab since the behaviour is similar to a Conditions List (i.e. independent of a visit or even an episode of care) although allergies require to capture additional information regarding the severity and reaction details.

Forms (either on registration 2nd page or on consultation tab) is not the ideal place to capture allergies. If you capture the allergies in a form, the allergy information will be tied to the visit and users will tend to capture the same allergies in every visit.

You can choose to capture the vitals at the registration 2nd page so the triage nurse / staff at registration counter can capture it when they open a new visit for the patient.

thank you. good suggestion to capture the allergy on diagnosis tab. I will try add it there and see how it looks and works. the little change i did on the screenshot is very basic and as a doctor i would like a deatils of allergy.

any work is being considered on allergy module to make it more adavanced like in openMRS…?