Bahmni upgrade from v0.92 to v0.93

Hello everyone

We’re in the process of upgrading our patient management system (Bahmni) from 0.92 to 0.93. Our clinic is very small with only OPD and no IPD, and patient count of less than 200. The upgrade is quite urgent for us.

We are currently weighing the below options

  1. Installing Bahmni Lite vs continuing with Bahmni Standard
  • I have tested the demo and I have noticed that the billing system (Crater) does not have inventory management capabilities. This is a show stopper for us! Other than that the lite version ticks all boxes of our requirements
  1. Centos 7.6 vs Dockerized

Our main concerns here are

  • Centos 7.6 reaches EOL life in less than 18 months and we don’t want to repeat this effort again when that time comes

  • We’re not too confident the dockerized version of Bahmni Standard is stable enough for production deployment.

What would be the best approach to follow in this instance.

The Bahmni Standard docker-compose.yml, points to the same OpenMRS/Bahmni EMR images that are used in Bahmni Lite. The difference is in Odoo, ELIS, DCM4chee images & instead of clinic-config, it uses default-config. You will likely have your own “config”. Standard docker images for Odoo/Elis/DCM4chee are built using the same version of code which was shipped with V0.93 in Odoo, Elis, Dcm4chee. We haven’t extensively tested these images since V0.93, but then, we haven’t even done much development on them since then, so they should ideally be as stable as v0.93.

I would suggest trying out Bahmni Standard (Docker), validating it for your scenarios, and going ahead with that for now.

You can of course also try Bahmni v0.93 released last year with CentOS (rpm based), but the docker version is much better & secure.

I hope this helps. Will let @angshuonline @binduak / others chime in.

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