Bahmni UI error: ReferenceError stateParams is not defined

@iadksd Oh sorry! kindly shade some more light on the error please!.i.e. which server are you running, how you ended up with the error and the logs on the server side.

This instance is running on a VM with CentOS 7.5. installed Bamni (version 0.93) and restored previous data by using the backup files. After restoration, I tried to access clinical data and ended up with this error.

  1. Can you open the chrome developer tools and check the console for any error? also check if any of the network calls failing.
  2. Have you rebuilt search index?

  1. Errors in the console,
  2. Index rebuilding didn’t solve the issue.

I think there is a typo which somehow is introduced. While we find the best way to resolve this, if you want it really quick, we can help you resolve that. Please ping me on bahmni slack

Hello @iadksd This has been fixed and a patch release for openmrs-module-bahmniapps repository is made. Please take a look at the release notes here to include this patch in your installation.