Bahmni translation

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(Alpha Amadou) #1

Hi, I finished installing bahmni on CentOS 6.9, and I want to translate the software into French but, after choosing the language, I noticed that there are many concepts that are not translated more precisely those located in the dropdownlist. Please help if you know of another method of translating Bahmni into French. Thank you

(Dimitri R) #2

Complete i18n support will be part of Bahmni 0.93. The specific case of order frequencies in the medication form is on the radar.

In the meantime, you would have to override the concepts that specify those frequencies and use the overriding concepts instead of the default ones shipped with Bahmni.

@ouiliam @mksrom what did we do there again for Cambodia?

(Alpha Amadou) #3

Thanks Mister Dimitri