Bahmni sync issue: EMR to ELIS


We are facing issue with synchronization from EMR to ELIS.


  • The lab request made by the doctor to patient in EMR is not synchronizing in ELIS for sample collection. It seems synchronization is only happening from OpenElis to OpenMRS and not the other way.

Log details >>>

Steps followed:

  1. Execute below statements on EMR database

delete from failed_events; delete from event_records; delete from markers; delete from event_records_offset_marker; delete from event_records_queue;

  1. Reset the marker in ELIS and also removed failed_event records.

  2. Checked the configuration of test/panel and sample type from both EMR and ELIS.

  3. Check in OpenELIS, whether the test and the sample types are defined.

  4. Checked the association of sample type and test/panel.

  5. In postgres Clinlims database, checked the “external_reference” table and with the test UUID (OpenMRS concept UUID) identify the “item_id” – in the “SAMPLETYPE_TEST” table.

Any suggestions will be very helpful.