Bahmni support for program location

In looking at how Bahmni supports Programs, we noticed that Bahmni does not use the OpenMRS location functionality. (i.e. when a patient is enrolled in a program, the location column on the patient_program table is null) We understand that we can model facility as a program attribute and track patient program enrollment across different facilities that way.

It would be good if this could be tracked using the OpenMRS built-in location. Let us know if there are any plans to incorporate this into Bahmni soon. At PIH, we can be available to provide some input at that time if it’s useful.

Thanks! Dave

Hi @ddesimone,

Bahmni uses OpenMRS location functionality i.e the Location selected while logging into the application. Few features in Bahmni are driven by the requirements from the current implementations. So far we have seen that the Login locations and the Program Locations are a bit different so we have chosen Program Attribute to represent Program Location. So far this question was never raised. Thank you for pointing it out. We would discuss about this. Will get back to you if any information.

Thanks! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you @ddesimone. We have created a Mingle Card for this on our Bahmni Wall to track through its development. If any questions we would definitely be seeking your help. Thank you for offering.